David Copperfield

David Copperfield the American magician more famously known as an illusionist has been performing since the late 70’s and is worth tens of millions.

Justin Willman

Justin Willman the American magician is well known for the current Netflix series Magic for Humans. Willman has been performing since the early 90’s and is a not just a magician, but has appeared (not as a magician) in numerous TV shows and has hosted some of them.

Penn and Teller

Penn & Teller the American magicians are more famously known for revealing their magic trick secrets. They have been entertaining since the late 70’s.

Criss Angel

Criss Angel the American magician is more commonly know as an illusionist. With his television series and TV specials, Criss Angel has had more prime time hours than any other magician.

Harry Houdini

You cannot talk about magic or create a list of famous magicians without mentioning the first and possibly most famous of all -Harry Houdini. I’ve always known about Houdini’s history, but didn’t realize until recently that there was video footage of his performances.

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