ancient art of magic

Article Contributor: Magician Mike Guistolise

This quick guide will provide you with some helpful magical tips to benefit a novice in becoming a king of marvels. To present magic in it’s best form, one has to learn the key stages first in order to perform magical tricks naturally and confidently.

The art of magic is not difficult to learn if one has chosen the appropriate learning materials. Amateurs often fail to create the all-important magical feeling in early performances. With the right magical touch, magicians can leave the audience both puzzled and amazed. A good artistic presentation is sure to get an enthusiastic round of applause.  

The first stage for beginners learning magic is to manually memorize the magic trick. This complete refinement will help the magic to come automatically and for the act to look polished and natural. A beginning magician should have playing cards and coins readily available to make a commendable introduction to the world of magic. You can easily master a number of spectacular tricks with these basic aids.  Modern magic tricks with a coin can quickly become some of your flawless ruses. Also master a few card tricks to add to your act. Manually practice with your cards to look like a professional.

Your magic act will never be entertaining if it’s not accompanied by an enchanting presentation. A good performance requires more than just the manual tricks, it should be an entertaining form of art. Also, a trick can only be made to look natural if the magician amplifies his or her natural personal strengths in it. For example, a magician should not attempt to act funny if he isn’t naturally funny. It will detract the audience’s attention to the strained effort to act comical and will most certainly ruin the magical elements that you are trying to enhance.

This writer, as an experienced magician that is very confident performing magic acts that look believable, I strongly suggest to beginners to become confident in whatever magical trick you are going to show off. A magician that trusts himself can in point of fact make the audience trust him and his magical wonders.