Article Contributor: Magician Mike Guistolise

Nowadays, many affordable and simple magic tricks can be learned online by a simple click of the computer mouse. The internet is a gateway to an easy enchanted world of expert or intermediate levels of magic tricks. Of course, the level you achieve can depend on your time, effort and personal budget.

Are you among those who have always wanted to dazzle people and cause them to talk about you and your magic tricks? If the answer is yes, you can now make your magical dream come true with the help of magic trick props available today. With so many online resources, it isn’t difficult for anyone to purchase supplies and to learn how to perform wonderous tricks. Even if you have absolutely no plan to become the next famous magician such as Justin Willman, David Copperfield or Criss Angel. You can certainly achieve success in making your family, friends, and other humans feel amazed.

There are possibly tens of thousands of supplies available on the web that can help you become a remarkable magician. Regardless of whether you are an amateur or someone who is striving to become a professional magician, these items can help you fulfill your dream magically. The list of magician accessories can be a long one and includes some of the most popular items such as lifelike animals, multi-compartment trick bags, crochet balls, egg bags, instant flower vases, Chinese coins, manipulation card decks, mouth coil, magic sleeves and more.

All of the items mentioned above will enhance your magic shop and make you a flawless magician. Your audience will smile and feel amazed. As a parent, you can spend quality time with your kids by teaching them some of the tricks you now know. There are numerous of magician specific items available to purchase. For example, if you are interested in rope magic, it is advisable that you purchase a magician’s rope.

A magician’s rope is available in several colours and is among the best in terms of magic tricks. You will be required to choose either a stiff rope or rope-to-silk prop to amaze you audience with. If you are willing to spend the money, you may purchase silk handkerchiefs made from high quality Italian silk to perform silk tricks. There are numerous online e-stores that offer these items at cost-effective prices.

Apart from ropes, you may also select from other popular products such as traditional cards, flower blooming bouquets, airborne illusion props, rings of smoke, color-changing vests, juggling balls, magically appearing items (poles, canes, pencils, etc.), astrospheres and more. There are also many sellers and resources online for New Age Magic and Mentalism Magic tricks.

Kid's Magic Show

Article Contributor: Michael Ricketts (Magic Mike)

The key to becoming a successful kid’s magician and making it your main source of income is continuous audience participation and eye-catching props. Your show will need to be fast paced, varied, and exciting to keep the children entertained.

Magic as a form of kid’s entertainment is both enjoyable and rewarding. Whether you are a parent performing in front of your child at their birthday party or a professional magician, magic has become a big part of the kid’s entertainment world.

Performing magic for children differs from closeup magic or sleight-of-hand. It’s closer to traditional stage magic with visual illusions that hold the audience’s attention. When planning to be your kid’s magician, it is important to keep in mind that children have a shorter attention span, thus you have to keep them laughing by using visual props (like magic wands, colorful tricks and so on), funny jokes and audience participation. Magic illusions must be varied, exciting and entertaining for all children.

The tricks you choose for your magic show are vital and you must pick tricks for kids that are appropriate for their gender and age. Before you perform any kids magic show, watch a children’s TV show and observe how the presenters act. They laugh, smile and appear to be having fun themselves and this is a significant part of having a successful magic act. Take note of some of the character’s names as these will be popular names that you can use in your own show (names of your rabbit or doves for example).

To be a successful and popular magician for kids, you have to enjoy performing and demonstrate good magic tricks. The kids in your audience know you are enjoying it and your positive feelings will make the audience feel entertained. There’s nothing worse to watch, than magic performed by a bored kid’s magician.

A best practice to improve your chances of repeat performances, is to award the children with prizes. A skillfully made balloon animal is good, but when it pops, you are quickly forgotten. In additional to balloons, giving kids a few promotional items with your logo will give parents one way to contact you for their kid’s next party.

Mentalist Magic

Article Contributor: Corey M. Martin

Few men can claim they have risen to the top through violating other peoples’ privacy, but with Gerry McCambridge this is expected! After honing his skills for decades, Gerry can easily be considered one of the longest running and most experienced mind reading entertainers on the planet. You are likely wondering, how did he become so skilled at piercing people’s inner thoughts. He started very young as the child of detective in New York City. Without a doubt, he has learned a trick or two from his master of interrogation father. But how did he manage to take it as far as becoming the longest running Mentalist in Las Vegas history?

Gerry McCambridge could be found headlining at clubs across the USA as “The Mentalist”. With his mind intuitive abilities, he was not exactly a magician, but an entirely new category. Becoming a huge hit thanks to some master observational skills (remember Dad was a NYPD detective), Gerry continued his brilliant show, performing for corporate events and gatherings. He wowed audiences with his comedic approach to his mind readings. As he continued to appear on radio and talk shows across the country, more and more became interested in the enigma that was “The Mentalist”. In 1999 Gerry was awarded by the International Magicians Society, the first ever Merlin award for mentalism to honor his major contributions to entertainment within his field. Gerry struck gold in 2004 with his own hit 1-hour TV special, drawing in millions of worldwide viewers. Also, in 2004 Gerry started performing his Off-Broadway 1 man show which received critical acclaim.

Capitalizing on the success of his 1 man show in New York City, he took it across the country. His expanded show was a huge sensation. Gerry performed consecutive shows to roaring crowds, developing a new public desire for his masterful antics of mentalism. After 3 years, The Mentalist performed a special 500th show in Las Vegas. The Hooters Las Vegas Hotel awarded him an extra year onto his contract. He was also given a rare one-of-a-kind Rolex watch. Later that year, TV producers contacted Gerry with the interest of turning his idea of mentalism into a crime fighting television series. CBS’s ‘The Mentalist’ had a very successful run of 7 seasons. Today, Gerry McCambridge has been headlining for overs 15 years in Las Vegas at the Planet Hollywood Casino.