Magic Encyclopedia screenshot

Article Contributor: GameMile

The Magic Encyclopedia series is comprised of hidden object games with adventure elements, developed Alawar Games together with V-Games. What awaits you after opening the Magic Encyclopedia is a world of magic and mystery. The game is a perfect blend of addictive puzzle gameplay plus the immersive atmosphere of a magical world. It can be addictive, as you don’t just look for hidden items, but assemble them and use them to find other things.

In Magic Encyclopedia: First Story you will find yourself acting as Catherine, the top student of the Academy of Magic, where young people learn to use their powers to control nature. Just after your exams you get a disturbing message brought to you by a paper bird. The symbols you find in the first message lead you to the decision to use the teleportation artifact that you received from your parents. Once you have done this the adventure begins and you find yourself in the center of a Mayan civilization working to solve the ancient mystery.

In each scene you have numerous items divided into parts which you need to find. Once you have found all the parts of an item, you can use it, but you also need to know where to use it. The hints shown in the top part of the screen can be very useful in your quest. Some parts of items can only be found after you have performed an unspecified action. So at times, it really requires creativity and attention to detail.

Aside from all the items and parts that you need to find, there are also crystals to look for. Some of the crystals will activate the repair artifact which enables some of the assembled items. Other crystals can be used to turn on the amulets in the box, which are also very helpful in your quest.

One of the best features of this game are it’s nonlinear atmosphere. Some levels offer you more than one location and items at one location may require an item from another location in order to work. There’s also secret rooms to discover and plenty of exciting mini-games to play. The min-games are different types of puzzles, some of them are truly mind-bending while others simple and entertaining. None of the mini-games are boring. If you get stumped, there are a limited number of hints available to you. Plus, you can earn additional hints by solving a hidden object mini-game.

Overall, is a nice blend of beautiful environments, fascinating storyline, and engaging gameplay. Time to open you Magic Encyclopedia! It can be played online for free by clicking here.