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Before This Magical Website


I don’t have a background in magic and did not become a magician. Before the creation of this website, my interest was primarily computers. However, I have raised rabbits since I was a kid.

I was first exposed to computers at an early age shortly after the introduction of the Atari 400 computer with a Pacman game. I was hooked immediately. My neighbor was a Computer Systems Analyst and he would give me books about computers. I devoured these books and even bought some others about Atari and BASIC programming. I enjoyed typing in the program examples and modifying them even though the Atari 400 keyboard and cassettes were very slow and tedious.

I soon moved on to computer games with the Atari 600XL with a disk drive and monitor and briefly owned the Atari 65XE computer.

Eventually, I moved up to the amazing (at the time) 16-bit Atari 520ST which was more affordable than Apple Macintosh and much more advanced (modern UI) than the MS-DOS based computers that I was learning to program in school.


In college, I studied Computer Programming and was required to own an IBM compatible computer with MS-DOS.

However, after college I was able to switch the Apple Macintosh computers which I still use today.

In the past, I have worked as an on-site computer technician and a system builder for a computer store. The local computer stores with their ‘white box’ computers are almost a thing of the past and so now I am here –online.

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